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Nepheline is a stone that provides magic protectionThe name of the mineral derives from the Greek word ‘nephele? meaning ‘a cloud’. Nepheline is sodium and potassium aluminosilicate. It is used as an ore for aluminum production. There are impurities of calcium, magnesium, iron, and chlorine in its composition.

The color of the stone depends on the quantitative content of a certain element in it. For example, green nepheline is rich in chromium. Yet colorless, gray or pink nepheline is the most common. It is an undurable stone that is easily destroyed, weathered, and replaced with other minerals.

Works of Nepheline

Extraordinary jewelry pieces are made of the mineral. White magic practitioners create talismans and amulets of the stone, while it is not used in black magic. Besides, decorative rocks with this nepheline are applied in making spheres, inserts, and other souvenirs.

Healing Properties of Nepheline

Nepheline improves eyesight and relieves from eyestrain. One should only relax and look at the stone for a few minutes. It is also known as a good antidepressant. The mineral releases one from nervous tension and boosts one’s psychoemotional state. Some folk healers claim that nepheline improves appetite and functioning of the entire digestive system. What is more, it is believed that the stone can stop the progress of disease in the various systems of the body.

Magical Properties of Nepheline

Nepheline calms one down and sets up the atmosphere of creativity.Nepheline contributes to the development of psychic abilities, particularly the gift of clairvoyance. The mineral helps one focus and fuels the development of one’s talents. It is also used as a talisman for houses and apartments. Nepheline repels evil and does not let it into the house. You should place the stone under the threshold or above the door to activate this property.

Talismans made of this mineral are beneficial for creative people, especially when they experience the creative block. Nepheline calms one down and sets up the atmosphere of creativity. The stone will make dedicated people and careerists strong enough to overcome the difficulties they encounter on their way to the top. It helps climb the career ladder, and contributes to building a collaborative team environment. Nepheline gives people occupying high positions balance and confidence in the future. It keeps one from hasty decisions.

Nepheline is a stone that provides magic protection. It absorbs almost all types of emanation and thus becomes a must-have for people of fine sensibility. The mineral is known for its extraordinary properties that are beneficial for mentally unstable people. That is why astrologers recommend wearing nepheline to Aries and Taurus. It will help people born under these signs gain mutual understanding with others, as well as find the crucial peace of mind.




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