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Mutiara Laut

Mutiara laut is an Indonesian name of south seas pearls.

Pearls is a mineral of organic origin. These are rounded limestone formations, which are found in the shells of some marine and freshwater bivalves. Pearls come in white, silver-white, cream or bright pink colours. Golden brown and black pearls are less common.

Mutiara laut

Magical properties

In Europe, pearl is a symbol of longevity, in India – a symbol of prosperity and welfare.

Mutiara laut is a symbol of integrity and excellence. In China – a symbol of fertility and magic power, in Greece and India – a symbol of marriage.

Many countries believe that pearls promote longevity. Its contemplation calms the mind, brings psychical equilibrium and tranquility.

Pearls protect from the torments of unrequited love, as well as indicates its owner’s disease losing luster.

In the East people believe that a ring with a pearl guards against thieves, fraudulent transactions, protects against the evil eye.
Impact on the Chakras
Pearls affects Vishudha and Sahasrara.

Receptive Yin (absorbs energy).

Signs of the Zodiac
Cancer, Libra , Pisces

Earth, Water

Moon, Neptune
Works of Pearls
Since ancient times pearl jewelry been used for decorative, magical and healing purposes. Presently it is used in all sorts of jewelry. In XIII-XVII centuries pearls were a favorite in decorating clothing, women’s hats, priests garments.




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