muscovite can prevent the thyroid disordersMuscovite got its name from the old European title of the Moscow lands, Muscovy. Other names of the mineral and its variants include muscovy glass, potash mica, white mica, sericite, antonite, and leucophillite. Muscovite is a fluorine-containing aluminum silicate. The coloring of the mineral can be white, gray, brown, yellow, pinkish or greenish. The luster is pearly or vitreous. The stone’s hardness -is 2.0-2.5, its density is 2.8 g/cm3. The main deposits of the mineral are located in Russia, Finland, the USA, Brazil, and Pakistan.

Healing Properties

In folk medicine, there is a belief that muscovite can be used to treat skin diseases or get rid of acne and skin flaking. Some lithotherapists assume that this mineral can have a beneficial effect on the endocrine system. It is believed that bracelets made of muscovite can prevent the thyroid disorders.

It is not known how muscovite affects chakras.

muscovites colored in white or gray keep their owners from the danger of freezingMagical Properties

It is believed that muscovites colored in white or gray keep their owners from the danger of freezing. The brown and yellow ones attract financial luck and success in all endeavors. The green stone affects one’s inner world. It will make you calmer, kinder and higher-minded than you have ever been. The pink mineral attracts mutual love and revives the feelings of the married couple that once cooled down. It creates the harmony in the life of its owner.

Astrologers believe that all the signs of the zodiac can wear muscovite but for Scorpio and Libra. The gem does no feel the people born under these signs, thus it can’t be of any use for them.

As a mascot, muscovite protects its owner from moral injuries and physical violence.