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Morganite, a Sparkling Doctor


“>Even in the middle of the last century it was noticed that Morganitewearing a ring with a big natural morganite promoted accelerated recovery from gynecological diseases.

“>organite reduces the intensity of the pain component atradicular syndrome, it brings relief to the patients suffering from various forms of back pain and especially in the lumbar part of the body.

The positive influence of the mineral stimulates the nervous system and the brain. Wearing jewelry with morganite sharpens mental abilities, improves memory, helps to work in extreme conditions. ‘The positive impact of stone on the people suffering from deep emotional stress should be noted separately. The pink gem promotes rapid healing of emotional traumas, and thereby optimizes the center controlling the cardiovascular system of the body. One can even beat chronic heart disease, if they are in the contact with morganite of high jewelry quality during a course of treatment!




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