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Monazite Properties

Monazite bears powerful energy.Healing Properties of Monazite

The healing properties of monazite are still unknown. As a result, experts do not recommend using this mineral in any treatment procedures, as its effect on the human body may be quite unpleasant.

Magical Properties of Monazite

The mineral bears powerful energy. Monazite is one of those stones that can be dangerous for its owner. Experts believe that it rarely establishes contact with people and does not quite favor them. The stone is very wayward. Magicians claim that using the stone regularly one becomes its slave loses their will. There is a belief that only most powerful black magicians are able to work with the mineral.

Monazite is a very wayward stone.You can only tame monazite with a sacrifice. With its help, the magic can suppress the will of other person, change their behavior and their character, and affect the decisions they make. However, the black magicians also apprehend frequent contact with the stone, as it leads to insanity and extreme fatigue.

Monazite does not have any properties that would enable using it as a talisman. It is not applied in jewelry, as it often emits radiation. The stone cannot be purchased at stone displays.




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