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Molybdenite is a family talismanThe name ‘molybdenite? comes from a Greek word that means ‘lead’. Molybdenite is a molybdenum sulfide. The mineral is soft and greasy to the touch. Its colouring may be lead-gray or bluish. The luster is metal. The hardness makes up 1.0-1.5 and thedensity is 4.6-5.0 g/cm3. The main deposits are located in Russia, Armenia, the USA, Canada, and Chile.

Healing Properties

It is thought that blue molybdenite can normalize sleep; it is helpful for insomniacs. In some countries, there is a belief that this mineral can be used as a preventive remedy fromeye diseases. You need to stare into the stone a few minutes a day to use this property.

It is now known how molybdenite affects the chakras.

Magical Properties

The mineral is not used in jewelry, thus works of this stone cannot be found on the store shelves. However, molybdenite crystals can be purchased at stones exhibitions.

molybdenite creates a kind of a protective auraExperts say that molybdenite draws negative energy away from its owner. It creates a kind of a protective aura, and one simply cannot be reached by negativity. Molybdenite neutralizes the negative emotions of its owner as well, such as jealousy, resentment, rage, and irritation. It protects one’s home, keeping the aura pure. One feels safe and fully relaxed in the room with a molybdenite crystal. It lets them have a good rest.

Astrologers do not forbid anyone to have this stone. Yet it is especially recommended to Scorpios.

Molybdenite is a family talisman. It maintains peace in the home, fixes the relationship between spouses, parents and children. Besides, the mineral attracts wealth and prosperity.




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