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Moissanite Jewelry In-Home Direct Sales by Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard Ltd., the only producer of synthetic moissanite in the world, announced the launch of a new venture that will be selling moissanite jewelry directly to customers at home with an in-home direct sales business model.

George R. Cattermole, Chairman of the Board commented:

‘This new business model is an important step forward for our Company. Our experience indicates that many consumers are enamored of the beauty and appreciate the value of moissanite when there is an opportunity to educate them about its unique features.”

“We believe that home parties present an ideal opportunity for such interaction with potential customers, and based upon our test data, it appears that consumers and prospective sales representatives alike are excited about the delivery of our unique jewelry at attractive prices in convenient, comfortable venues.’

The company will be expanding their current test marketing to several other cities in the U.S. in 2011. Hoping to expand it to the rest of the nation in 2012.

My thoughts on it are that they have given up on trying to compete with diamonds on exclusivity and are just focusing on price and quality. Using the direct sales method to get a large foothold in direct sales before 2015 when their moissanite production patents expire in most developed countries. Once those patents expire prices are likely to plummet and having a large customer base should prove invaluable.

The full press release can be read’here.



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