March Birthstone: Not Just the Aquamarine

March Birthstone: Not Just the Aquamarine

The modern March birthstone is the light-blue aquamarine. So the choice in buying a birthstone is fairly limited when just looking at the modern birthstones.

However if you take a look at the traditional birthstones some excellent options are added. Because the traditional birthstones for March are bloodstone and jasper. Jasper in particular can be found in a wide range of colors.

Aquamarine: The most popular birthstone of MarchAquamarine birthstone

The soft blue-green color and excellent gemstone properties have made aquamarines is the most popular birthstone of March.

The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin words ‘aqua marina’ meaning ‘water of the sea’.

Most legends and myths surrounding this ancient gemstone revolve around water as well. For example it was once believed it was the treasure of mermaids.

Aquamarine though popular is found in such large quantities that it is still a reasonably priced gemstone.

A good quality 1 carat aquamarine sells for between $20-$60. Though high-end aquamarines can become very expensive.

March birthstone alternatives

BloodstoneMarch birthstone

Who in this world of ours their eyes
In March first open shall be wise,
In days of peril firm and brave,
And wear a bloodstone to their grave.

In history it was known as ‘stone of the martyrs’. As it was believed that bloodstone was created around the crucifixion of Christ. Blood stained the green stones, creating a new type of stone.

Bloodstone is the traditional birthstone for March as well as December. It is a green gemstone with a red spotted look. The red spots resemble blood, hence the name.

Bloodstone is very cheap, often selling for little more than a few dollars per carat. Which makes it an excellent alternative to the more expensive aquamarine.

Faceted bloodstone is getting more popular, but doesn’t add anything to the looks. As bloodstone is an opaque gemstone, not a clear one where faceting matters. So a polished bloodstone is your best bet for getting a great looking birthstone.

Jaspermarch birthstone

Jasper is the traditional birthstone of March, together with the bloodstone. It’s usually a red to brown colored opaque chalcedony. However it is found in other colors like green, yellow and blue as well.

Jasper is an extremely cheap gemstone, usually selling for just $1 per carat. To really bring out the color and unique look of jasper you really should pick a large stone.

Don’t worry though, prices per carat does not increase when dealing with larger stones. Unlike most other gemstones. So you can buy a pendant with a 10+ carat jasper, without breaking the bank.

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