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Malachite a Stone of Health

Malachite is a bright green mineral. Found as powdered formations, radiated aggregates, consisting of acicular crystals, solid nodular singer masses.

SuCO3 (OH) 2

Other names
Peacock stoneMalachite

Healing properties
Malachite is considered a “stone of health”, a remedy from asthma, rheumatism, toothache, poisoning. It expels melancholy.
In modern eastern and western lithotherapy malachite is used in the treatment of heart and lung disease, to improve the function of pancreas and spleen. It promotes tissue regeneration, soothes the nervous system, and has beneficial effects on the pituitary and pineal glands.
In Indian Ayurveda malachite is used to “dissolve” the energy blocks and to open the streams for the bioenergy flow. To acheive this malachite pieces are applied to the heart chakra (Anahata) and “blocked” areas of the body.
If you apply malachite with concentric zonal pattern to the solar plexus, the stone will relieve emotional stress, balance energy levels between the heart and the solar plexus chakras.
The lighter the shade of the stone, the stronger its healing power.
Some American researchers claim that malachite is a good anti-radiation agent.
Pieces of malachite are used in contact especially in the heart area. People wear beads and pendants made of malachite, use pyramids, balls and eggs made of this stone.

Magical properties

tumbled-malachiteMalachite in many nations is an averter against maladies, “the evil eye” and other misfortunes, as well as a good children’s amulet that protects a baby from illness and dangers.
Malachite promotes physical and emotional harmony in the body. It gives wisdom, resourcefulness and moral courage. Rimmed in gold malachite brings success in business, gives good luck in love.
Malachite absorbs and dissolves negative processes therefore it needs to be cleaned after each use, A pyramid of stone, rock crystal druse or zeolite can be used for this purpose.
Blue-green azure-malachite was particularly highly valued in Indian healing practice, where it act in close alliance with azurite. It was used to overlay the Ajna chakra (the “third eye”) to achieve purification of the subconscious from offences, worries, fears and obsessions.

Impact on chakras
Malachite affects Manipura, Anahata, Ajna (azure-malachite)

Receptive Yin (absorbs energy).

Feng Shui
The flat piece of malachite is good to place on the sector “friends.” Its green energy starts up growth and activates the energy sector. You will increase the inflow of friends to your house, as well as men.

Signs of the zodiac
Taurus, Libra


Moon, Venus, Pluto

Works of malachite
From ancient times malachite was used as a material for making jewelry, amulets and is now considered a valuable decorative stone. It is mainly used in the form of cabochons in the jewelry pieces.




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