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Magnesite connects people and the nature.Magnesite was named after Magnesia, a region in Greece. The mineral is a magnesium carbonate. Its coloring can be white, gray, yellowish or brown. The lustre is dull, glass. The stone has the hardness of 4.0-4.5 and the density of 2.9-3.0 g/cm3. The major deposits are located in Russia, Austria, Greece, Mexico, China, India, and the USA.

Healing Properties

In some countries, there is a belief that the yellow magnesite can calm down the nervous system. For this, you should stare into the mineral daily for a few minutes. The white magnesite is sometimes used in the same way to get rid of eye fatigue.

Magical Properties

Magnesite is a matchmaker stone. It is useful for all the people seeking to start a family. It helps young women and men choose a life partner, while the divorced find a new happy love with the help of it. The mineral has a beneficial effect on children, making them obedient and cheerful. It strengthens the relationship between relatives. It is believed that if one will give their mother-in-law a work of magnesite as a gift, they will earn her mother love.

magnesite can calm down the nervous systemMagnesite connects people and the nature. Magicians state that it can be used to learn to understand the language of birds and animals. The owner of the stone can tame any animal or bird, train it and make it their most faithful friend.

Magnesite suites Gemini the most. It holds back their excitement and impulses and protects them from losses and defeats. The mineral helps Capricorn and Libra get the most profit out of any situation. Magnesite is absolutely contraindicated to Aquarius and Aries. The rest of the zodiac signs can wear the mineral.

As a talisman, magnesite protects its owner from such danger as violence or natural disasters during travels. Therefore, travelers, sailors, and drivers are recommended to carry the mineral when they are on the road.




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