Lithotherapy Techniques

Lithotherapy Techniques

The stones are usually heated up in the sun or in hot water before the massageEvery stone was attributed with certain healing properties since antiquity. How can one use the energy of the stone to improve their health? First, you should purchase an adequate crystal. It can be a jewelry piece (such as a ring or pendant), a pyramid, cylinders or a massage ball.

But what is the most effective work of the mineral? The answer is easy. The product should arouse positive emotions when you take it in your hand. This is enough to guarantee the positive outcome of the treatment.

You should stop using a stone if it leaves you indifferent or causes negative emotions despite the fact that it was chosen especially for you. Medical procedures carried out with this stone will be totally useless.

If a stone was carved or put into any jewelry piece, talisman or amulet, it is the easiest to use. It’s enough to wear it and sometimes wash off the negative energy accumulated in it with running water.

You need to remember about the so-called “habituation effect”, when a product is gradually losing its curative effect until it seems to have none. Physiologists explain it with the fact that the nervous system stops responding to the constant weak stimuli when it gets used to them.

It is recommended to communicate with your gemstone pendant or ring so that it never stops heartening you and doesn’t lose its healing properties. For example, you can silently talk to it once a day. Remember the answer of the stone, i.e. a positive feeling that the amulet will bring you. Thus, it will be easier to adjust to the stone next time and feel the energy emanating from it.

Another lithotherapy technique is massaging the palms with stone balls. As a human palm has a lot of biologically active points, such kind of massage is quite helpful. Rolling stone balls in your hands for 10-15 minutes will have a beneficial effect on your health and mood.

You can purchase small massage balls made of healing minerals at specialty shops. Their impact is gentle and smooth, and there are hardly any contraindications.

Pyramids are useful during meditation sessionsBesides these stone balls, lithotherapy practices using pebble-shaped minerals. They are rolled on the body in a clockwise direction massaging the area that hurts or the area where the diseased organ is located. The stones are usually heated up in the sun or in hot water before the massage and rinsed when the massage session is over.

Pyramids made of minerals like agate, aventurine, cacholong or nephrite, are put to good use in lithotherapy. They are applied during meditation sessions. A pyramid held in cupped hands comes as an energy channel connecting the man and the whole Universe.

Cylinders-harmonizers have a beneficial psychotherapeutic effect on people. They are a pair of cylinders, one of which is made of a mineral bearing the Yang energy and the other is made of a mineral that has the Yin energy. Working with such minerals is particularly good for people recovering from serious diseases, severe mental or exercise stress.





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