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Kornerupine is a talisman of actors, musicians, writers and artistsKornerupine was named after the Danish geologist Andreas Kornerup. Another name of the mineral is prismatine. Kornerupine is a magnesium and aluminum borosilicate. It can be colored in white, yellow, light green, olive, dark green, blue, and brownish. There are both the transparent crystals and the crystals with the effect of the cat’s eye. The luster of the gem is vitreous. The stone has a hardness of 6.5-7.0 and a density of 3.3 g/cm3. The main deposits are located in Greenland, Tanzania, and Australia.

Healing Properties

Some folk healers believe that the blue kornerupine can have a beneficial effect on the heart functioning. This mineral can cheer you up and release you from the consequences of a stressful situation. It also normalizes sleep. Lithotherapists assume that kornerupine has a property of being useful for the functioning of all the body organs.

Kornerupine affects the throat and heart chakras.

Magical Properties

Experts say that the energy of kornerupine is so neutral that it has hardly any influence on its owner, adjusting to his or her character instead. Therefore, people feel different when they are wearing works of this stone. Some are depressed, some are irritated, and others are uplifted. This happens because the mineral highlights one’s character traits. It exposes the flaws and shows the virtues. Perhaps, that is why not everyone can wear kornerupine. However, no matter how the owner of the stone feels, it should be remembered that the stone can’t be harmful. Anyway, the mineral will fuel one with the desire to live life to the fullest. It will also fix the functioning of diseased or weary organs.

Kornerupine affects the throat and heart chakrasAstrologers recommend wearing kornerupine on the right side of the body. Men should wear rings with this stone, while women are advised to wear earrings and brooches. The mineral suits to all the signs of the zodiac. The only contraindication is one? flaws. People who are not seeking to get rid of them shouldn’t wear kornerupine.

Kornerupine is a talisman of actors, musicians, writers and artists. It makes talents brighter and stronger. The gem attracts fame and success to its owner and sends creative impulses.

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