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Beads and bracelets of jadeite regulate blood pressure The name of the mineral derives from the Spanish words piedra dejada meaning the stone of the side. Other names of jadeite include chloromelanite and Yunnan jade. Jadeite is an earth silicon compound. Its crystals are translucent. The coloring of the mineral may vary from emerald green, light green and light blue to shades of white, pink, and purple. The luster is silky and vitreous. The stone’s hardness is 6.5-7.0, and its density is 3.0 g/cm3. Major jadeite deposits are located in China, Mexico, the United States, Burma (Myanmar), and the Polar Urals.

Healing Properties

Jadeite is called a kidney stone, because it can help one get through many kidney disorders. The stone proper cannot be a cure, yet it enhances the effect of any drug, especially the plant-based ones. Many experts state that wearing jadeite for a long time eliminates infertility and impotence. In oriental medicine, the mineral is used to revive one’s misbalanced bioenergy. Beads and bracelets of jadeite regulate blood pressure and stabilize the heart functioning.

Magical Properties

Jadeite give its owner confidence in their abilities and the future. It stabilizes the psyche, making one good-tempered and sensible. The gem helps its owner avoid all kinds of conflicts, prompting them what line of behavior they should choose to sort out the issue peacefully.

Jadeite is called a kidney stoneJadeite stabilizes its owner’s private life as well. It frees them and their significant others of jealousy, unhealthy suspiciousness and mistrust.

The mineral makes one’s thoughts honorable and elevated. It does not allow one to misbehave.

In addition, the stone is quite helpful in the upbringing of children. The owner of jadeite starts understanding the needs and desires of the youngsters better. Moreover, one gets on well with children easily.

Jadeite perfectly suits people born under the signs of Virgo and Libra. The stone is not useful for Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer, as it makes the people born under these signs apathetic and pessimistic. Jadeite is particularly harmful for Capricorns, as it can dull their mental abilities.

Since ancient times, jadeite was used as a talisman affecting the nature elements. It was used to solve the problems connected with weather, for instance, it could cause or stop rain.

The mineral is an amulet protecting from any kind of negative energy. It keeps its owner away from envious people, slanderers, liars and cheaters. It is believed that you should hold a jadeite crystal in your hand when making a deal, so that the deal will be successful.




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