Indigo Copper Magical Properties

indigo copper attracts good luck and success to its ownerMost notably, indigo copper helps its owner in their personal life. It attracts the mutual love, true friendship and other people’s sympathy, as well as the favor of the superiors. The stone releases its owner of complexes. It gives one charm, confidence and a sense of security about the future. Indigo copper constantly works so that its owner won’t experience any discomfort. It hints at the best ways to organize your life in harmony, build good relationships in the family, and attract people who can help you improve the financial situation.

Like a magnet, indigo copper attracts good luck and success to its owner. It evokes creativity and gives inspiration. Daily meditation with the stone makes a person calm and sensible. It eliminates the unreasonable fears and nervousness.

Experts claim that the stone has a particularly beneficial effect on the elderly and the young. It helps the former get rid of the fear of death convincing them that death is a natural ”’? continuation of life. Meanwhile, it prompts teenagers with the ways to cope with the difficulties of their life and relieves from the negative emotions of adolescence. Due to indigo copper, one can get rid of such bad habits as an alcohol, smoking and even drugs addiction quickly and smoothly.

Astrologers recommend wearing this stone to all the zodiac signs, especially Aries, Leos and Sagittarius.

As a talisman, indigo copper helps its owner be promoted to the very top of the career ladder. It also helps maintain good relationships within the family and achieve mutual understanding with most withdrawn people.