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How To Choose an Engagement Ring for the Bride

Diamond engagement ringTraditionally the groom was the one choosing and buying an engagement ring. If you want to make sure you understand the nuances of this question: what kind of stones are preferred and their purity, color, metals and durability, design and style, as well as new trends in fashion – here is the info you are looking for.

Choosing an engagement ring keep in mind a very important point – its symbolism. This is not just a gift to your bride, it is a symbol of your love for her and seriousness of the relationship. A tradition to respect the choice of the engagement ring has its origins in ancient Rome. There people thought that the “Love vein” passes through the ring finger and leads to the heart.

antique-sapphire-engagement-rings-5How to choose the stone for an engagement ring

There is disagreement about the stones in the ring, but it’s a matter of taste. Any bride would argue that the best stone – is a diamond. Yet other stones such as pearls (there are many shades, shapes and sizes), sapphires, rubies, emeralds and garnets have been used before, and in the modern world have not lost their popularity. An important factor in the choice of the stone, which will decorate the engagement ring, is of course the price.

Diamond is the most expensive gem, followed by sapphire, emerald. After the three leaders ruby and pearl are the best candidates to empty your wallet. Of course, it should be remembered that the amount on the price tag of the ring depends not only on its Emerald engagement ringname and origin of the precious stone, but also on its characteristics. Weight of the stone (i.e. its size), quality (i.e. purity of the stone), as well as shape and color will certainly affect the price.

Many people believe that each stone has its own meaning and each person can benefit from a certain type of stone. So, if your bride to-be is interested in astrology and similar sciences, then you can ask which gem in her engagement ring would be right for her.

If we try to briefly describe the above-mentioned top 5, it will be something like this:

Ruby engagement ringDiamond – is a symbol of luxury and wealth;

Sapphire – it is considered a symbol of power and the clergy, as it was in ancient times worn by many kings and monarchs;

Emerald – means good luck and success, as well as understanding (which is important for a young family);

Ruby – is a unique talisman against bad luck and misfortune;

Pearls – is a symbol of beauty, a truly women’s gem.

Pearl engagement ringChoosing a engagement ring is a big responsibility for the groom and therefore you need to know exactly what pleases your fiancee. You must know the size of the ring, her taste: if she likes the traditional yellow gold or prefers white gold or platinum. If your bride loves moderation and simplicity in style, then a classical ornament will be the best choice; if she uses original pip elements, then she may like a modern unconventional ring.


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