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How to Choose a Ruby

rubies can be complemented by diamondsWhen buying a ruby or a jewelry piece with these gems you should pay attention to the appearance of the stone. You can use a magnifying glass to check the structure of the gemstone for any natural inclusions. The presence of such natural defects is a strong indication of a genuine ruby. Synthetic minerals will be crystal-clear. Yet you should avoid purchasing rubies with too much of such inclusions. First, the luster of such mineral leaves much to be desired. Second, the durability of the ruby cannot be guaranteed.

Ruby is a very hard and dense mineral. Its density is only inferior to that of diamond. Therefore, it is quite difficult to do mechanical damage to it. You can try to scratch the stone with a hard object. There must be no marks left on the natural ruby.

On top of that, the natural ruby is characterized with dichroism. Meanwhile fakes like glass, tourmaline, or emaldine, don’t possess such a property. In some cases, a special liquid with a fixed specific mass can be helpful in checking it. One way or another, you should be all eyes when buying rubies, since it is very likely that the gems can be faked.

Who Should Wear Rubies

ruby is considered a symbol of royal authority and mightSince ancient times, ruby is considered a symbol of royal authority and might. The bright red hue of this variety of corundum indicates its owner’s passion and stamina. Thus, passive and apathetic people are highly recommended to wear this energetic stone. Ruby favors Scorpios, Leos and Cancers most of all. They can go for a magnificent ruby ring or fiery ruby earrings, a stunning necklace or a lavish bracelet.

Rubies are usually cut into square or oval shape. This is the facet pattern that gives this precious stone a special mysterious luster. Rubies are increasingly being set in gold or platinum and can be complemented by diamonds. Such combination looks rather presentable.




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