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How Gemstones Affect Our Life

a gemstone is more powerful if it is a presentEvery precious or semi-precious stone has a unique set of properties. If one chooses a stone according to their sign of the zodiac, the stone is considered astrologically compatible with its owner.

Usually a gemstone enhances some of its owner’s traits through moderation of some other features. Choosing the right stone leads to the accurate improvement and harmonisation of one’s character, as well as boosts one’s health and brings favorable changes in their life. A mineral chosen improperly can be harmful as its energy will intensify the features present in excess. Therefore, one’s flaws will become even more apparent.

It is believed that a gemstone is more powerful if it is a present. This is due to the fact that buying a stone for themselves people can feel bad because they need to spend a lot of money on a small piece of the mineral. Immediately feeling it, the stone may be offended.

You can present any minerals, either you’ve recently bought them, kept them for a while or inherited them. What really matters is that you should have only good emotions and memories associated with the gemstone. The more joyful the feelings embedded in your mind are, the more beneficial the stone will be for the new owner.

Anyway, if you buy the mineral on your own, try to set your heart on it first. Examine the stone closely and touch it. Let your intuition guide you and never mind the price.

Every gemstone has a unique set of propertiesYou should avoid buying the gemstone right away and see how you feel the day after you first saw it. It is believed that it takes the purchased mineral a couple of years to display its healing properties to the full extent.

Before wearing a piece of jewelry (a talisman or an amulet) you should clean the mineral, i.e. erase the information it contains. You can leave it the way it is only if obtained the stone as a family heirloom. If you are the first owner of the gemstone, it’s enough to put the stone under running water for a few minutes.

In case anybody had owned the stone before you got it, you may need a psychic’s assistance. Such person will help the mineral adjust to you. Otherwise you may feel uncomfortable wearing the mineral, for instance, you may get anxious or insomniac. The stone may also fall out of the mount.

You should take care of the mineral while you have it. The gemstone can neither be efficient nor protect you any longer if any cracks, bubbles, muddy areas or other defects have appeared on it. It may have absorbed a lot of negative energy which has to be shaken off.

You can take the stone to the places where the natural energy is concentrated, like the woods, the sea shore or the river bank, etc. Within a few hours the stone will easily restore its power. However, you should be aware that the gemstone loses its healing properties once for all if its structure is damaged (for example, the stone begins to crumble).


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