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Hiddenite boosts the effect of the medication prescribed to a patientHiddenite was named in honor of William Earl Hidden, an American mineralogist. There are other names of the mineral and its varieties, and lithia emerald is one of them. Hiddenite is an emerald-green variety of spodumene, which is a member of pyroxene group; that is why it is sometimes called spodumene-emerald. Compositionally, it is a chain aluminum and lithium silicate.
The color of the stone may vary from green to gray, sometimes grayish-brown. It has vitreous lustre.
The hardness of hiddenite according to the Mohs scale is 6.5 while its density is 2.6.
There are large deposits of the mineral in Madagascar and the United States.
A huge spodumene-emerald specimen is exhibited in the Department of Mineralogy at the Museum of Natural History, which is located opposite to the Central Park in New York City. It weighs 254 grams or 1270 carats. Actually, the stone is not a classic emerald. Spodumene-emeralds are high quality hiddenite crystals.

Works of Hiddenite
In nature, hiddenite crystals reach enormous sizes, they can be up to 10 meters long. However, these crystals may not be utilized in jewelry because of their poor quality.
Anyhow, experienced gem cutters use hiddenite employing trap-cutting and diamond-cutting techniques. Nevertheless, fragility and pleochroism of hiddenite cause difficulties during the process of cutting.

Healing Properties of Hiddenite
Hiddenite is one of those gems that has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Lithotherapists recommend wearing it during the treatment of breast pang and heart hurry. The stone boosts the effect of the medication prescribed to a patient. Hiddenite is best worn as a bracelet on one’s left hand, and as a ring on the left little finger is it is possible. The stone should be framed in gold.

Magical Properties of Hiddenite
Hiddenite favors people who are engaged in patronage and charity.Despite its fragility, hiddenite is a very pragmatic mineral. It totally ignores daydreamers and does not tolerate idlers, who are always losing the stone. In such a way, hiddenite lets someone else who can use its magic properly have it in their possession. The mineral favors only ambitious people who can achieve the goal they set, i.e. workaholics. It makes them successful both financially and commercially. The gem also helps one work out the right course in one’s business. It encourages venturesome ideas.
However, hiddenite won’t stand crooks and swindlers. If its owner plans to make dirty money, the mineral will do its best to dispose of them in the same way they were earned. For example, one will spend it quite fast, or some cunning frauds will take it away.
Hiddenite brings sheer prosperity to those who play fair. The stone is rather rational but not cruel. It favors people who are engaged in patronage and charity.
Hiddenite is considered a stone of merchants, executives, technicians and bankers. It helps them achieve more and improve their welfare. Hiddenite attracts good luck, success and fame to people of art professions if they are gumptious and determined.
Astrologers recommend wearing hiddenite to the fire signs, which are Leo, Aries and Sagittarius, and the earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus).
Those who were born under the water and air signs of the zodiac should wear the stone provided they are vigorous and hard-bitten.

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