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Heliolite can't stand if its owner has any bad habitsHeliolite is categorized as feldspar. The stone has orange coloring with white streaks. It’shimmers with beautiful tints of yellow and golden, that’s why it was named after Helios, the ancient Greek god of the sun.

Vast heliolite deposits were discovered on Madagascar and in Norway, as well as in the Ilmen mountains, Russia.

Heliolite Healing Properties

According to a popular belief, the healing properties of heliolite are primarily connected with its beneficial effect on one’s mind and nervous system. It is believed that this mineral is associated with health and fun. Therefore, it doesn’t favor sad and moody people and can lift their spirits.

Heliolite will relieve one from various emotional disorders including depression, melancholy and autumn blues. The stone also has an overall tonic effect. It will level up its owner’s stamina and improve their heath. Heliolite can cheer one up and ignite the desire for vigorous activity.

The elderly are recommended to carry heliolite around, as it can make them feel young and energetic. The stone can evoke the desire to live on and spend a lot of time outdoors even in the old age.

Heliolite Magical Properties

The practical use of heliolite traditional for magic rituals and ceremonies hasn’t been outlined yet. However, the magical properties of the mineral turn up if it is used as a talisman.

Heliolite will lift your spiritIt is believed that the talisman made of heliolite can evoke the love and craving for mysticism, witchcraft and fortunetelling. However, one should be careful. The stone does not favor indecisive, weak-willed people, as well as those who can not decide on their position in life. If craving for the supernatural adds to such features, it can be fraught with serious consequences. Such people will be easily captured and influenced by unconventional religious organizations, sects, crooks and charlatans.

A talisman with heliolite is also able to ignite a desire for active holidays; one will push aside all the obstacles to have active leisure. Therefore, the stone can’t stand if its owner has any bad habits and contributes to their elimination. Heliolite especially favors travels and travelers. It protects such people when they’re on the road and helps them to come home safe and sound.

Astrologers recommend people who were born under the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) to wear items made of this mineral. Heliolite will fuel the energy of their element. Those born under the water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) should not keep the stone, as it will fight against the opposite element. It will waste both their vital power and its energy on the pointless rivalry. For other signs of the zodiac, heliolite is neither helpful nor harmful; it’s just a pretty trinket.

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