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This mineral is inclined to communicationHeliodor was named after the god Helios. Translated from Greek, the word means ‘gift of the sun’. Other names of the mineral include golden beryl and yellow beryl. Heliodor is a variety of transparent beryl. The mineral may be colored in grayor white with a yellowish-green, lemon, golden or honey yellow tint. Opaque crystals occur as well. The luster is vitreous. The gem has the hardness of 7.5 and the density of 2.8 g/cm3. Its main deposits are located in Russia, Africa, Madagascar, and Brazil.

Healing Properties

Heliodor has virtually no effect on the physical health. However, the stone can slightly raise the blood pressure. Thus, lithotherapists recommend wearing it to those suffering from hypotony, especially at a time when the pressure is very low.

Magical Properties

Heliodor is a stone of celebration. It makes its owner cheerful and elated, and relieves them of melancholy or self-doubt. The gem endows one with the gift of eloquence and wit. Moreover, it makes them charming and attractive in the eyes of others, and gets them rid of excessive conservatism or rigor. The owner of this mineral owns the spotlight and becomes the life of any party. Yet, you should not wear heliodor constantly. It is advisable to put a work of it on only to parties or on a special occasion. Otherwise, it will tempt you to have a rest or entertain yourself and thus make you careless and irresponsible.

the very owning of heliodor gives one a chance to develop all the best qualitiesHowever, the very owning of heliodor gives one a chance todevelop all the best qualities with the help of the stone. Besides, one will get rid of complexes, shyness and suspiciousness.

This mineral is inclined to communication. On weekdays, i.e. when the gem should not be worn, you can put it in front of you and tell it about your problems if you are feeling down. Heliodor will immediately adjust to your emotional state and will fix your mood. It will show the funny side of the troubles upsetting you.

Those who suffer from nightmares, unreasonable fears or insomnia, should keep the work of heliodor in their bedroom. The stone will send its owner joyful, light dreams. It will also calm their nerves, lull and comfort them.

Astrologers believe that the gemstone can be worn by people born under any sign of the zodiac, but it is especially beneficial for Leos and Geminis.

As a talisman, heliodor helps its owner attract the superiors’s sympathy and move up the career ladder, as well as expose lies and slander.

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