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halite Halite is the only naturally occurring mineral that people eat. Halite is usually referred to as the rock salt. The word “halite” comes from the Greek word “gallos” – the sea salt.

Halite Healing Properties

Halite is used in solutions with iodine and water to gargle the sore throat, laryngitis and tonsillitis. The solution of warm water (1 tablespoon of the mineral per cup) with halite relieves acute toothache. A bag with red-hot salt is applied to radiculitis-affected areas, it can be used to warm up the chest at bronchitis, to get rid of boils.

Halite1_DSC_6202Halite Magical Properties

Any village wise woman knows that salt (halite) has strong magical properties to protect and strengthen the ties with the Earth. How could one take advantage of these great qualities? First of all, make amulets and talismans. This magical assistant will serve one no matter under what zodiac sign they were born.

Talismans and Amulets

As a talisman halite serves its owner to attract good luck, love and sympathy of others. As a talisman it keeps them from accidental wounds, injuries, attacks of mean people. Halite is an amulet against human exposure to evil spirits (negative energy). It cleans the room and the owner’s mind from the negative, helps to achieve a successful career. It is easy to create an amulet or a talisman sew up a pinch of salt (best a crystal) in a small piece of cotton cloth, and wear it at all times in your pocket, bag or around your neck as an amulet. The only condition that one must observe in order to successfully use the ward it is necessary to conceal the fact that you have it.

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