How to Wear Diamonds: Etiquette Essentials

diamond does not tolerate commonness and routine

Whenever you are going to put on a particular jewelry pieceencrusted with diamonds, you should give thought to the overall style of your outfit. For example, wearing a diamond necklace requires an unambiguous attire. Even a blouse and a skirt or a suit that seems beautiful to you won’t be a match for it. The […]

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How to Choose a Ruby

rubies can be complemented by diamonds

When buying a ruby or a jewelry piece with these gems you should pay attention to the appearance of the stone. You can use a magnifying glass to check the structure of the gemstone for any natural inclusions. The presence of such natural defects is a strong indication of a genuine ruby. Synthetic minerals will […]

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Lithotherapy Techniques

The stones are usually heated up in the sun or in hot water before the massage

Every stone was attributed with certain healing properties since antiquity. How can one use the energy of the stone to improve their health? First, you should purchase an adequate crystal. It can be a jewelry piece (such as a ring or pendant), a pyramid, cylinders or a massage ball. But what is the most effective […]

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How Gemstones Affect Our Life

a gemstone is more powerful if it is a present

Every precious or semi-precious stone has a unique set of properties. If one chooses a stone according to their sign of the zodiac, the stone is considered astrologically compatible with its owner. Usually a gemstone enhances some of its owner’s traits through moderation of some other features. Choosing the right stone leads to the accurate […]

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The Meaning Behind the Gemstone Color

the properties of a gemstone largely depend on its color

It is known that the properties of a gemstone largely depend on its color. Experts in lithotherapy believe that the stones of similar color have a lot of common features. Choosing ‘your? stone you should consider its color and properties associated with it. So the stone will have the most beneficial effect on your physical […]

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Pyramids Healing Properties


It has long been established that pyramid-shaped items has a positive impact on the environment. It is well-known that all material bodies can radiate energy in one way or another, creating certain energy around them. At the same time, the material of which a pyramid is made should be concerned. You can make it of […]

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Stone Therapy

Stone Therapy

Stone therapy is a method of lithotherapy based on reflexotherapy combined with thermal and energy effect stones have on sensitive and biologically active areas of the body. A certain number of cold and hot stones is used in stone therapy. During a procedure hot black stones and cold white stones (sometimes of indoor temperature) are […]

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How to Sell Jewelry: Promotion

How to promote jewelry

It is a nice thought that you could simply get online, post your work, and wait until customers come in. Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

Read our article on how to start promoting your jewelry business, both online and offline.

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How to Sell Jewelry: Commissions

sell jewelry commissions hawk ring

A fun and lucrative part of a jewelry business is commissions, but how do you start’

Read our article to avoid common mistakes that would end up costing you time and money.

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How to Sell Jewelry: Best Business Practices

london blue topaz ring best practices

Do you want to get the most out of your jewelry business’

Follow these best business practices and give yourself the best chance at success!

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