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Grossular endows a married couple with happiness and a perfect harmony.The word ‘grossular? derives from the Late Latin word ‘grossularia’, which means ‘gooseberry’. Other names of the gemstone and its numerous varieties are cinnamon stone, hessonite (essonite), jacinth, rosolite, leuco-garnet, colophonite, succinite, wiluite, African jade, Mali garnet, Transvaal jade, garnet jade.

Grossular is a calcium garnet. The coloring of the gem is quite diverse and may vary from olive green, bright green, and yellowish to pink, orange, auburn or almost colorless. The depth of color is due to the concentration of iron ions. The presence of chromium tones tints grossular in a bright green hue. The gemstone has vitreous lustre.

Like most garnet varieties, common grossular crystals are small. The deposits of this mineral were discovered on the island of Sri Lanka, as well as in Pakistan, Tanzania, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Siberia (Russia).

Healing Properties of Grossular

The healing properties of grossular has not been completely studied. Healers recommend wearing beads made of this mineral during the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The gemstone set in silver will relieve from stress, insomnia and nervous exhaustion. If you fist a grossular crystal tight, it will ease the toothache.

Magical Properties of Grossular

Grossular takes care of one's emotional stability .The magical properties of grossular have a soothing effect on the owner of the gemstone. The impact is similar to hydrotherapeutic, which both elates a person and calms them down. The gemstone encourages daydreaming, gives a creative impulse and contributes to development of various talents. It makes one’s dreams pleasant and blissful and releases from fears.

Grossular can be worn and used with any other mineral, and they will never run foul. What is more, the gem imparts its owner with this feature. One becomes empathetic, amicable and gentle. However, the stone takes care of one’s emotional stability way too much. Therefore, grossular lets its owners sympathize someone else’s misfortunes, but interferes with their desire to help people who are in trouble.

Grossular will also look after your loved ones. If you don’t happen to know how to help your friend or your relative, the mineral will contribute to solving the problem and guide them in the proper direction.

According to astrologers, people born under any sign of the zodiac can use the mineral. Grossular will cope with any flaws and develop the virtues that are distinctive for every sign of the zodiac.

As a talisman, grossular attracts other people’s sympathy to its owner and assists in resolving any conflicts. The gem endows a married couple with happiness and a perfect harmony.




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