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Green Tourmaline

green tourmaline is a stone of youthThe color of green tourmaline is’due to considerable amount of iron impurities in its composition. The color palette of this mineral may vary from lime and lawn-green to deep dark green. However, the iron impurities are irregularly distributed throughout the stone, therefore the coloring of green tourmaline usually appears in several shades of green.

The deposits of green tourmaline were discovered in the Transbaikal in the Urals (Russia), Namibia and California. Yet Brazil is the leader in the market where green tourmaline is produced under the name of ‘Brazilian emeralds’.

Healing Properties of Green Tourmaline

Healing properties of green tourmaline are rooted in high antiquity. According to popular belief, green tourmaline is a stone of youth. It can postpone the physical ageing, which is particularly noticeable by skin. The mineral makes the skin look young and elastic and prevents from the appearance of wrinkles.

It is also widely believed that green tourmaline has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. In this case, the mineral can replace nephrite. It is recommended to make various rollers and balls of green tourmaline. Used in massage they will soothe your body, relieve from the nervous tension and fatigue. Small rollers can also be used for a gentle face massage. They saturate the skin with the energy of green tourmaline, which prevents its premature ageing.

green turmaline favors harmonyMagical Properties of Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline favors harmony. The stone tends to patch up its owners’ relations with people around them. The magical properties of green tourmaline have a truly magical effect on its owner.

The stone can fix some health problems, improve the inherited features, and endow one with nobleness. Yet the main property glorifying green tourmaline is the gift of understanding both your body and the environment.

Although the stone may not be able to teach its owner to talk with animals, it will give a sense of things happening around. One will learn to comprehend the vibes of animals, birds, trees, bushes, and rivers intuitively. Green tourmaline will be a guide and an interpreter of this silent dialogue.

The mineral can’t stand the people who do damage to the nature, like poachers and lumbermen. The stone will not harm those who make a living of hunting. However, green tourmaline will punish those who kill innocent creatures for the sake of pleasure as badly as possible. It will take the health and good luck from them. Lumbermen risk to fall under the wrath of the stone especially.

People of all but the fire elements can wear green tourmaline. Sagittarius, Aries and Leo must not wear any jewelry made of this stone.

Green tourmaline can be a great talisman for huntsmen, ecologists, vets, biologists, herbalists and all other people who work in the spheres related to the environmental protection.




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