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Green Marble

Green Marble Green marble or serpentine is a rock formation composed of serpentine group of minerals.


Mg3 [OH] 4Si2O5

Other Names

Apothecaries’ stone, serpentine, Korean jade, new jade, serpentine asbestos,


Antigorite, , baltimorite, bowenite, , satellite dike, picrolite, etc.

Green Marble stoneGreen Marble Healing Properties

It is believed that green marble helps against headaches and accelerates synostosis.

It increases the action of any medications. For that the medical drugs should be kept in containers carved of this stone. At all tames it was known as the ‘Apothecaries’Stone’, medicines were pounded in mortars made of green marble.

Green Marble Magical Properties

Jewelry made of green marble is recommended to wear for those who want to avoid danger in life. The stone can protect the owner from negative influences of other people.

Green MarbleAstrologers consider this mineral to be a talisman of athletes, business people and lawyers. It emphasizes their professional qualities and helps to achieve the best results in their range of action. In Mongolia, green marble is used as a ward stone from the bites of snakes and insects.

Impact on Chakras

Affects Manipur and Anakhata


Receptive Yin (absorbs energy).

Signs of the zodiac

Virgo, Scorpio


Air, Earth


Not identified

Works of Green Marble

Green marble is widely used as a gemstone. It is utilised to make vases, boxes, tabletops, various jewelry (necklaces, pendants, inserts in earrings, rings, etc.) and much more.




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