the faceted pure grandidierite was sold for $ 29,000Grandidierite is an amazingly beautiful blue-green transparent crystal. It was first found and described in the south of Madagascar in 1902. The gem was named after the famous French naturalist and explorer Alfred Grandidier (1836-1921), who traveled through Madagascar. Scientists confirmed that presently only 8 minerals are genuine gradidierites. Perhaps, another dozen specimens can turn out to be this rare gem if it is confirmed by the careful examination.

Grandidieritewas described in 1911 in the sixth edition of the ‘System of Mineralogy? by James Dwight Dana. The first edition came out in 1899 before grandidierite was discovered.

The cost of a pure transparent grandidierite weighing 0.29 carats reached $100,000 per carat. There is a version that the faceted pure grandidierite was sold for $ 29,000. Nevertheless, it is impossible to find a confirmation of this fact. Thus, it may be just one of the Internet rumors.