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Yellow Gemstones and Orange Gemstones

Orange gemstones yellow gemstones

There are a large number of orange and yellow gemstones, including chalcedony, zircon, citrine, sapphire, topaz and garnet. However this post is focused on just a small selection from a large list of orange or yellow gemstones.They range from extremely expensive to very affordable. So everyone can find orange or yellow gemstones to their liking. Whether they are looking for gemstone jewelry, healing gemstones or just … [Read more…]

Should I Buy an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner or a Jewelry Steam Cleaner?

We’ve all dealt with gemstones or jewelry that just seems to lose its shine after a while. Cleaning your gems or jewelry by hand seems to take forever and they still won’t have their old sparkle back. Some solutions have been found for this and today I’d like to focus on two of the best known and easiest of them all:The ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and the jewelry steam cleaner. These are used by professional jewellers, … [Read more…]

Gemstone Bathtub Sold for $1.74 Million

Gemstone bathtub

In recent years the Dubai and the surrounding region have been trying to get a foothold in the jewelry and gem trade.With the Dubai International Jewelry Week that was organized last week they have taken their place in the spotlight. An enormous amount of loose gemstones, gemstone jewelry and ornaments were on display.The highlight of the entire show however, was the world’s first gemstone bathtub. Called ‘Le Grand … [Read more…]

Moissanite Jewelry In-Home Direct Sales by Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard Ltd., the only producer of synthetic moissanite in the world, announced the launch of a new venture that will be selling moissanite jewelry directly to customers at home with an in-home direct sales business model.George R. Cattermole, Chairman of the Board commented:“This new business model is an important step forward for our Company. Our experience indicates that many consumers are enamored … [Read more…]

Gemstone Auction News For September and October

An overview of gemstone and gemstone jewelry auctions for the months September and October. ‘Golden Eye’ Diamond sold for $2.84 million at an auction in Cleveland. The infamous ‘Golden Eye’ diamond was sold at an online auction last month. The ‘Golden Eye’ diamond is a 43.51 carat canary yellow internally flawless diamond.Before being cut to its current size it was 124.5 carats and was the first diamond over 100 … [Read more…]



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