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Top 10 Biggest Jewelry Heists in Recent History

top 10 biggest jewelry heists in recent history

While the shimmer and sparkle of jewels are part of their allure, they are perhaps just as fascinating because of their high value.

That certainly is their main attraction for jewel thieves. So, are you curious about the biggest jewelry heists in recent history’

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Dig for Diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park

Oppenheimer yellow diamond dig for diamonds

Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas is once again in the news, after a 12 year old boy found a 5.16 carat brown diamond on July 31.

So what makes this state park so special? Well, for one …

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What is Mahaleo Ruby?

Mahaleo ruby

Basically a Mahaleo ruby or glass filled ruby is a low quality ruby. Often the ruby has so many fractures that it appears opaque and brown instead of red. These fractures are then filled with lead glass.

The problem with this that there are many disadvantages that are usually not disclosed.

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Gemstone Bathtub Sold for $1.74 Million

Gemstone bathtub

n recent years the Dubai and the surrounding region have been trying to get a foothold in the jewelry and gem trade.

With the Dubai International Jewelry Week that was organized last week they have taken their place in the spotlight.

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Moissanite Jewelry In-Home Direct Sales by Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard Ltd., the only producer of synthetic moissanite in the world, announced the launch of a new venture.

It will be selling moissanite jewelry directly to customers at home with an in-home direct sales business model.

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Gemstone Auction News For September and October

An overview of gemstone and gemstone jewelry auctions for the months September and October.

Highlights are the ‘Golden Eye’ diamond and the Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Sotheby’s auction.

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