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Rhodochrosite Properties

Rhodochrosite favors people born under the signs of Gemini and Libra.

Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite In folk medicine, it is believed that rhodochrosite can remove toxins and purify the blood. In oriental medicine, spheres made of this stone are used in the restorative massage. Beauticians back it up and suggest doing facial massage with small rhodochrosite balls to improve the blood circulation and enhance the skin […]

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Charoite – a Stone of Internal Purity

charoite is a stone of internal purity

Charoite is a purple-colored mineral with satiny lustre. Sometimes it displays cat’s eye effect. Charoite is also the name of the stunning solid diverse columnar rock containing this mineral. Composition K(Ca,Na)2Si4O10(F,OH)H2O Healing Properties Charoite cures various inflammatory processes and enhances immunity. It is used in the treatment of heart, kidney, liver, and pancreas diseases. Charoite […]

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