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Fire Opal

fire opalGeology: Opal – is an amorphous mineral which belongs to the class of oxides.

Deposits: fire opal is found in the USA, Mexico, Turkey and Russia.

Etymology: the name defines the stones with fiery red colors. The origin of the word “opal” comes from the ancient Indian language (“upala” a gem). Opal is considered a symbol of true love.

The use and influence on the body: the mineral prevents inflammation and promotes the elimination of toxins from the body. It improves blood flow and promotes blood circulation stimulating the heart. Fire opal eliminates the attacks of weakness and dizziness.

The influence on the psyche: Fire opal lends sobriety, and suppresses temper tantrums. It gives one the joy of life and spontaneity. They say that it can reveal the true attitude of your partners. If the stone becomes cloudy, pay more attention to the relationship.

Influence on the chakras: the mineral refers to the 1st and 3rd chakra.

Practical tips: healing energies are best when applying to the skin in the problem areas. Leave the stone for just a few minutes, because it has very strong energy. To strengthen the mind contemplate mineral from time to time.

Cleaning and care: for bad energies discharging and cleaning put fire opal in a container with water. Allow enough time for recovery. Opal is charged automatically. Never charge a fire opal in the sun!





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