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the sapphire-blue stone helps in the kidneys and bladder diseasesFibrolite got such a name due to the fibrous nature of the specimens by which it was discovered. Another name for fibrolite is sillimante (named after Benjamin Silliman). The mineral coloring varies from brown and green to gray and even sapphire-blue. The crystals with the effect of cat’s eye occur as well. The stone has vitreous lustre. Its hardness is 7.5, and its density is 6.0-7.0 g/cm3. The main deposits are located in Upper Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, and the USA.

Healing Properties

In folk medicine, there is a belief that the sapphire-blue stone helps in the kidneys and bladder diseases. It also alleviates such mental illnesses as hysteria, hypochondria, and manic-depressive psychosis. Like almost any other blue-colored stone, blue fibrolite has an antiseptic effect. The green stones make weather dependent people feel better. It lowers blood pressure and boosts one’s performance as well. Sometimes, alternative medicine experts recommend using the green mineral to treat headaches.

Magical Properties

fibrolite has an antiseptic effectIn some Eastern countries, fibrolite is used as a talisman that protects one’s home from natural disasters, fires, lightning, as well as burglars. In Europe, some magicians make amulets protecting their owners from injuries and car accidents. It is believed that the stone can save its owner even from a plane crash. Women are recommended to wear a bracelet made of fibrolite on their right hand to attract attention of the opposite sex.

Fibrolite is most helpful for people engaged in activities that put their lives at risk. It is a talisman of athletes, pilots, travelers and explorers. They can use a small piece of the raw mineral as a key charm. Some practicing magicians recommend hanging a handmade fibrolite talisman to the car’s windscreen. It can be a polished or raw piece of the stone on a silver chain.




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