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Eudialyte typically occurs as acinose mass.Eudialyte is a complex zirconium, sodium and calcium silicate with various impurities of rare-earth elements. It is an end member of the eudialyte’euctolite isomorphous series. Eudialyte rarely forms crystals; it typically occurs as acinose mass.

Eudialyte is the original mineral that can be found in the nephelinic syenites and their pegmatites. It is most commonly assembled with microcline (potash feldspar), nepheline, aegirine, and sometimes with apatite.

Eudialyte occurs in alkali nephelinic rocks in the Khibiny Mountains (the Kola Peninsula, Russia), as well as in Langesundfjord (Norway), Transvaal (Namibia), Saint-Hilaire (Quebec, Canada), and on the island of Los (Guinea).

The name of the mineral derives from the ancient Greek words ev (which can be translated as ‘good’, ‘geniune’, ‘real’) and lithos (which means ‘stone’).
According to the version of Friedrich Stromeyer, a German chemist, eudialyte is translated from Greek as ‘readily soluble’.

Physical Properties

Moh’s hardness: 5-5.5
Density: 2.8 g/cm3
Cleavage: Imperfect
Fracture: Uneven, flinty
Color: various shades of red, pink to brown
Streak color: White
Transparency: Translucent to transparent
Lustre: Vitreous to dull


Na4 (Ca, Fe, Ce, Mn) 2ZrSi6O18 (OH, Cl)

Other names

Sami, the locals of the Kola Peninsula, call eudyalite ‘Lopar blood? or ‘Sami blood’. The origin of this name is associated with the ancient Norse legend, which was set forth in the book ‘Memoirs of a stone? by an Academician A.Y. Fersman. In Sami folklore there is a legend about the battle between Sami and Swedish warriors. After that, the blood of Sami soldiers who were killed in the battle was spattered around the tundra. Drops of the blood turned into a beautiful stone called eudialyte.

Healing Properties

Eudialyte affects the cardiovascular system, thoracic organs and systems, as well as arms and hands.

It is believed that eudialyte purifies blood. The mineral is helpful in preventing pancreatitis and enhancing the functioning of the pancreas. Looking at the stone daily for a few minutes you will significantly boost your eyesight and reduce the eye pressure .

It is assumed that eudialyte has a beneficial effect on the alpha brain waves.

Eudialyte is a talisman of those who prefer risk-related activitiesMagical Properties

Eudialyte has the ability to intensify any magical power or energy, whether it is white or black. Eudialyte helps to get rid of sadness and appeases grief. Wearing items made of eudialyte facilitates getting out of depression and gives hope. This stone evokes love for people, fuels sociability and sensitivity, and even strengthens the will to transform the world.

Eudialyte is a talisman of those who prefer risk-related activities, as well as energetic people who live a stressful lifestyle.

Since ancient times, soldiers have eudialyte in their possession as the main magical properties of the stone aim at protecting its owner and making him invulnerable. Moreover, the magical effect of the eudialyte amulet can even turn a coward into a hero.

Impact on the Chakras

Eudialyte greatly affects Muladhara, Anahata and Akitra.


Eudialyte harmonizes Yin and Yang.

Signs of the Zodiac



Air, Earth

Works Of Eudialyte

As an ornamental stone, eudialyte is used in making figurines, interior design items and jewelry pieces. In the jewelry manufacture eudialyte is cut as cabochon.




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