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dark green enstatite improves eyesightEnstatite belongs to the family of pyroxenes. By its composition, it is amagnesium-iron silicate. The mineral is colored in dark green. However, dark brown stellar crystals occur as well. Enstatite is most commonly found in blue earth. Scientists also found this mineral in meteorites. Its luster is vitreous. The hardness makes up 5.5, while the density is 3.26-3.28 g/cm3. The major deposits are located in Kimberley, Mogok, Upper Burma (Myanmar), and South India.

Healing Properties

In folk medicine, there is a belief that dark brown enstatite helps get through cold-related diseases. The stone reduces the energy of kidneys and activates metabolic processes and the endocrine glands functioning. Lithotherapists assume that this mineral has a sedative effect on the nervous system. Indian treatises on healing properties of gemstones refer to such property of enstatite as the ability to cure mental illnesses, as well as tone one up and improve one’s mood. Due to its dark green color, the mineral can ease pains in the spine diseases, neuralgia, and migraine. It is believed that dark green enstatite improves eyesight and makes weather-sensitive people feel better.

Magical Properties

dark brown enstatite helps get through cold-related diseasesIn some countries, magicians use enstatite to make amulets designed to protect one from the adverse intrusion of the people around them. Moreover, such amulets will protect their owner from injuries they may suffer in car accidents. To do this, a small piece of enstatite is framed in silver and hung up in the car.

Enstatite can be a great talisman for people involved in activities riskfulfor their lives. It is a stone of athletes, firefighters, police officers, and so on. They can use a small piece of the mineral made in the form of a charm. It can be worn fastened to clothes or protective equipment.

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