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dumortierite helps its owner move up the career ladderDumortierite was named after the French paleontologist Eug’ne Dumortier who first found this mineral. Dumortierite is a borosilicate. The colouring of the mineral can be blue, pinkish, or brown. It is characterized with vitreous luster. The hardness of the gem is 6.5-7.0; its density is 3.3-3.4 g/cm3. The main deposits are located in Italy, Norway, France, the USA, Canada, Namibia, Madagascar, and others.

Healing Properties

Lithotherapists claim that pink dumortierite aids in one’s physical development. Thus, it is recommended for children with developmental delays. An adult should not use the mineral because it contributes to the growth of tumors including malignant ones.

The blue-colored stone helps with migraines, cures insomnia and unreasonable fears. Wearing brown dumortierite in a ring on the ring finger of the left hand stabilizes blood pressure and relieves pains in joints.

dumortierite attracts love, good luck, and harmonizes relationships with othersMagical Properties

Dumortierite helps a person harmonize their physical and spiritual world. The owner of the stone begins to understand the language of their body, its needs and desires.

Dumortierite encourages its owner to talk sense, be rational and sensible, and not to take the lead from immediate whims. The gem makes most selfish people better. It endows them with mercifulness, eases their anger and irritation, and evokes lofty feelings in them.

Astrologers recommend wearing works of this stone to those born under the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius). Dumortierite helps them get rid of excessively hot temper and irritability. The mineral will teach them to consider the other’s feelings and opinions. It will make them tolerant and yielding. The stone will be helpful for the business of those born under the Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo). The gem will attract love and other people’s sympathy to Pisces. People born under the rest of the signs of the zodiac are not recommended to wear dumortierite.

As a talisman, dumortierite helps its owner move up the career ladder. It protects them from haters and enemies, as well as attracts love, good luck, and harmonizes relationships with others.

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