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Dravite is a stone of mature people.The name ‘dravite? derives from the name of the Austrian Drava River, where the mineral was found for the first time. Other names of the stone and its varieties include coronate and buergerite.

Dravite is classified as a variety of tourmaline. The colouring of the gem can be yellow, yellowish-green or brown. The luster is pitch or vitreous.

Healing properties

It is believed that dravite cures nervous diseases. Wearing the stone in a ring relieves from stress, insomnia, unreasonable fears, and anxiety. It is recommended to wear dravite beads in case of prolonged fatigue, nervous exhaustion and metabolic disorders.

Magical properties

Dravite is a stone of mature people. Wearing works of dravite is especially beneficial for the elderly. It won’t do children and the young any good.

The stone accumulates the positive energy wherever it can be found, concentrates it and provides the owner with it. Those affected by this mineral have a kind of revival. They get a youthful thirst for knowledge and action and start living an active lifestyle. They also grow stronger mentally and physically, as well as become enduring and confident.

dravite cures nervous diseasesDravite frees its owner from the fear of death. It suggests that death is nothing but an integral part of life. The mineral also gives confidence in life after death and hope for rebirth.

The gemstone helps the owner revive the creative forces. It uncovers new talents and abilities and enables their fulfillment.

Astrologers advise wearing dravite to the signs of the air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) and water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) elements. Of the earth signs, those born under the sign of Virgo are recommended to wear this stone. Dravite helps the rest of the signs of the zodiac less actively, but if you wear it with red gems like garnet, ruby, or amethyst, it will boost their properties. The gem is only contraindicated for Aries. It evokes fears, self-doubt and irritation in those born under this sign.

Worn as a talisman, dravite helps its owner do well in professional activities. It strengthens marriage, revives the feelings that cooled down, and increases sexual drive.

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