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Dioptase Initially, this green mineral was taken for emerald: it gleamed in the sun and one could see green sparks through its faces. Later it became clear that the mineral is not what it initially was thought to be. Composition, hardness, perfect cleavage testified that this stone is not emerald.

Dioptase is a hydrous copper silicate. This mineral is rather fragile, its shine is glassy, its color ranges from emerald green to blue and it has perfect cleavage; it can be transparent or opaque.

Dioptase is a rare mineral. It is formed at weathering of copper deposits and occurs most often in areas with hot, dry climate. The mineral is found in Namibia, USA, Zaire, Chile, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Due to the low hardness the mineral can not be used by jewelers, but it is in great demand among collectors.

Dioptase Healing Properties

Dioptase promotes rapid healing, relief of various ulcers. If you wear a pendant with this mineral around your neck, it will help to treat diseases of throat and respiratory tract (trachea in particular). Dioptase brooch will have a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels performance.

DioptaseDioptase Magical Properties

Many believe dioptase to be a stone that brings good luck in different areas, but for personal life. The stone helps its owner to tune in to the work, activating the mental activity; it helps to make the right decisions in difficult situations. Some believe that dioptase can read other people’s thoughts and then transmit them to his owner, when he is sleeping or meditating.

Magical properties dioptase will not allow to cheat the owner of the stone. It will just suggest to his master the true intentions of dishonest people who allegedly offered a fair deal.

Dioptase is always busy improving the material well-being of its owner, so it is useless in friendship and love. But do not forget that women who wear earrings with this mineral acquire captivation and mysterious charm. Men who wear pins with dioptase acquire greater self-confidence in the eyes of the others.

Dioptase can help students and other learners. A ring with this mineral helps to quickly focus on the right questions and find the answer, even in the absence of knowledge (in general, it helps to get out of a difficult situation).

Aries should not wear dioptase, since they tend to lie and manipulate people from selfish motives. The rest of the signs can safely use this mineral with good intentions.

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