Dinosaur Bone

The coloring of dinosaur bone may vary depending on the minerals ingrained into the bones.Dinosaur bone has become widely known quite recently. Generally speaking, dinosaur bone is not entirely a stone, as it was formed from the bones of dinosaurs that petrified and filled with mineral salts through millions of years. In Greek, ‘dino? means ‘great, fearful’, and it fully characterizes the mineral. In those days when nothing was known about the evolution of living beings on the Earth, the dinosaur fossils were regarded as nothing more than the stones of unusual shape. And nowadays, when Steven Spielberg showed dinosaurs in their full glory, dinosaur stone became popular. The mineral is not just a museum piece anymore; it is used as an ornamental stone, too.

The coloring of dinosaur bone may vary depending on the minerals ingrained into the bones. Dinosaur bone found on the bottom of ancient lakes and oceans has the most attractive and unusual tints. Such beautifully colored mineral is produced in North America, which explains its leading position in exporting dinosaur bone to other countries.

Works Of Dinosaur Bone

Various pendants made of dinosaur bone are considered traditional. The stone is cut, polished and framed to become eye-catching. However, there is a range of pendants with rough dinosaur bone. The coloring of dinosaur bone may vary from matte and ivory to brown with a sophisticated pattern. Therefore, choosing a pedant of dinosaur bone, you will certainly find one with a color matching your preferences. Taking into account the limited amount of this mineral in the world, one work of dinosaur bone can be priced from $50 to $200.

Healing Properties of Dinosaur Bone

Dinosaur bone is cut, polished and framed to become eye-catching.It is believed that dinosaur bone has a beneficial effect on the human body if one suffered from any serious disease which made them weak. In this case, a dinosaur bone pendant will accelerate the recovery and enhance the immune system. Besides, dinosaur bone is helpful for people who suffer from arthropathy. Apparently, this is due to the fact that dinosaur bones are extremely rich in salts and therefore the mineral is able to create some kind of biological waves, which purify the body.

Magical Properties of Dinosaur Bone

Jewelry utilization of dinosaur bone started some time ago. Yet the dinosaur bones were attributed with magical properties long beforehand. That’s quite understandable, as people were awed with the might and the size of the petrified ancient giants. In North Africa, dinosaur bones were used in various magical rituals designed to endow the soldiers with great strength. In South America the fossilized remains of dinosaurs were used as cover plates of cold steel arms, as it was believed that such weapons can make more damage to an enemy. Therefore, the jewelry pieces made of dinosaur bone will be useful for those who do sports or work in force structures.

In antiquity, almost all the important rituals associated with fortunetelling were conducted using bones, and dinosaur bones were no exception. Consequently, it is believed that dinosaur bone fuels the power of the zodiac signs gifted with foresight. If you were born under the sign of Cancer, you are endowed with rather good intuition, and wearing an ornament made of dinosaur bone will only reinforce your gift. Those who are born under the sign of Leo should also pay attention to dinosaur bone as it will turn stubbornness which is typical for them into ambition and determination.

Source: encyclopedia-stones.ru