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Danburite1Danburite is the name of the mineral, which derives from the word Danbury – the name of field, where it was first discovered. Danburite is a borosilicate mineral; its main component is boron.

Danburite crystals can have white, pale yellow, yellow-brown color. Sometimes you can find colorless, transparent crystals. Only clear crystals are used in jewelry. Danburite has pronounced glassy luster.

The main beds of danburite are in North America – the United States and Mexico. This mineral was found in the Japanese islands and Madagascar as well. This mineral is formed in skarns, where it is often occurs alongside with garnet, quartz and calcite.

Danburite3Danburite Magical Properties

Healing properties of danburite help a person to find peace, as well as to understand themselves and find the right ways of solving problems.

Danburite magical properties have been known for a long time. This mineral can help its owner see a sober perspective of the events that occur to him. The stone also helps to understand the people better.
This crystal makes its owner self-critical, and at the same time helps him to see what actions led to success, and what deeds were the reason of failure. Danburite also allows its owner take it easy in case of great or sudden success. It reduces the sense of euphoria and does not allow pride to run wild.

Danburite2Another feature of danburite is that this mineral improves person’s morale. So if the owner has disturbing thoughts or if he decides to do something immoral ? to cheat, steal, offend anyone, then the stone begins to affect the health and emotional state of the owner. In this case, a chronic disease may appear; the stone owner will get frequent attacks of headache, blood pressure and his temperature will jump. But if he does not pay attention to this and does not change his behavior, the stone will amplify the impact, which can lead to grave consequences.

As astrologers say, danburite is most suitable for Leos, Aries, Scorpios and Sagittarius, as well as for people who were born under other zodiac signs that are apt to arrogance and recklessness. The only sign that danburite does not match is Capricorn.

Thus, the mineral retains its owner’s clear mind, and favors him in abandoning negative thoughts and wrong actions that can lead to disasters.

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