cuproskladowskiteNeedles of cuproskladowskite attract admiring attention for the depth and variety of its green color, and the amusing shape. However, this mineral is found in uranium deposits and is highly radioactive. It must be kept away from not only the? living beings, but even from other minerals.

Color: yellowish-green to grass-green, greenish-yellow.

Luster: dull to silky.

Transparency: shines.

The dash is not described.

Hardness is not defined.

Density 3.5.

The break is not described.

Cleavage along (010).

Forms crystals aggregates, thin crust and film radial-rayed, clustered and rarely-fine crystals.

Behavior in acid: dissolved in HCl. Vol 3-1, 243.

Chemical formula (H3O) 2Cu (UO2) 2 (SiO4) 2 * 2H2O