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Cuprite Cuprite Properties

The name of the cuprite gem comes from the Latin word ‘cuprum? which means ‘copper’. Its hue is red-brownish. The gems can be of various colors: raspberry-red, purple, vinous, russet and almost black.

There are specimens of the gem with green inclusions. The gem possesses dull adamantine metallic luster. Rich deposits of cuprite exist in Australia, Russia, the USA, Chile and Japan.

Cuprite Jewelry

Cuprite is especially popular in jewelry. Goldsmiths use such varieties as ruby, garnet, red beryl, spinel, cinnabar, cuprite as gems, inserting them in rings, necklaces and earrings. Cuprite gems are extraordinaryly beautiful and have a dull metallic luster, due to which the stone acquires elegance, glamor and charm. As for the pricing of cuprite-ruby, please note that it can be extremely high and depends on the perfect quality.

CupriteCuprite Healing Properties

Cuprite is believed to have a beneficial influence on the blood. Folk medicine, in particular, recommends women to use cuprite healing properties in order to normalize the menstrual cycle and ease the cramping pain.

In some regions people believe that the mineral is capable of helping its owner to get rid of addictions. Cuprite reduces junk fatty food hunger drive. It helps to get rid of alcohol, nicotine and drug addictions. Some healers advise sportsmen to wear the stone. Cuprite contributes to the increase of the muscle tone, facilitates long exhausting trainings and gives stamina.

Cuprite Magical Properties

Those in the know recommend wearing cuprite all the time to people who find it difficult to control their emotions. Cuprite has a beneficial, sedative effect on the nervous system, it helps one to become balanced, reduces aggression. However, it is also noted in literature that the gem may have some negative effects. Cuprite leads its owner into the world of illusions, partly reduces intellectual abilities and puts one off their guard. It may also prevent one from developing a normal relationship.

The gem serves only to honest people. Those who earn dishonest money and scammers feel discomfort in the presence of cuprite. The gem reveals itself to pure, kind-hearted, sincere people. Cuprite brings financial success and luck. Those who have reached material well-being due to the stone, should spend some money not for themselves, but give it to charity. Thus one gains their stone’s support for a long time.

Cuprite is a choosy stone. It is recommended to people who were born under the signs of fire, only when the moon is in decrement. The mineral can harm other people. Cuprite is one of the gems that one never uses as a talisman. It refuses to help just for the sake of it. Cuprite always judges. The stone is an unbiased judge, it judges its owner by their thoughts and deeds, generously rewarding pious people and hinting others at the things they can improve.

Interesting Facts

History bears a record to the fact that in 1979, a Burmese ruby weighing 4.12 carats was sold for 100,369 dollars per carat.




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