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Crocoite will make you an all-round personThe name of this stone has an ancient Greek origin. It goes back to the word which is literally translated as ‘saffron’. Such names as red lead ore, Siberian red lead, and lead chromate are also used in academic writings and other sources.

Crocoite has a bright orange-red coloring. The stone is quite brittle and translucent; it has adamantine lustre. Crocoite is produced from banks of lead and zinc ores.

The specimens found at the Berezovsk Mines (located in the Ural Mountains of Russia) and the Tasmanian deposit acquired worldwide distinction.

Healing Properties of Crocoite

In prehistoric times, healers believed that crocoite can cure a woman of infertility. Modern physicians also hold to the opinion that the healing properties of crocoite have a positive impact on a woman’s reproductive function.

They also assume that the stone should be used to prevent genitourinary diseases and normalize the intestine function. Because of its color, crocoite has a beneficial effect on its owner’s intellectual abilities. Moreover, the stone will fuel one’s stamina.

Magical Properties of Crocoite

It is thought that crocoite elevates its owner, endows them with optimism and nimble wits. The magical properties of crocoite draw the other people’s attention to its owner. The stone endows one with charm and eloquence.

The magical properties of crocoite draw the other people's attention to its ownerWomen are recommended to use the mystical power of crocoite rather carefully. The mineral will enhance their sex appeal. Therefore, a girl will always have a lot of admirers which may turn out to be too clingy and pushy. Crocoite will be helpful for plain women; although the stone does not actually improve their appearance, it makes them more attractive in the eyes of men.

If you wear crocoite in the form of earrings, you will acquire declamatory skills and a talent for acting. Worn as a ring, crocoite will develop your musical talent, sharpen your hearing and gentle your voice. Yet the stone is best worn as a pendant. According to many experts, it will make you an all-round person.

Astrologers say that Aries should not wear this stone. Crocoite can provide them with excessive pride and arrogance. However, the mineral won’t harm anybody else. Especially it favors people born under the sign of Pisces, who are recommended to wear crocoite beads on their neck. It will help them develop their declamatory skills, attract the attention of their superiors, and achieve fame and recognition in their occupation.

Wearing crocoite as a talisman is useful for creative people of art-related jobs. The mineral will protect them from haters and fiction mongers. It will develop their talents, attract people’s attention to them and make them successful.




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