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covellite helps get rid of insomniaCovellite was named after the Italian geologist Nicola Covelli. Covelline is another name for the gem. It is quite a soft mineral. It was first discovered nearby Mount Vesuvius. Covellite is a copper sulfide. It is commonly colored in blue. The crystals are opaque. The gem sports the bright metallic luster. Its hardness is 1.5-2.0 and the density is 4.6-4.8 g/cm3. The main deposits are located in Italy and the United States.

Healing Properties

Folk healers claim that the works of covellite, such as earrings or clip-ons, can significantly improve hearing. Looking at the stone for a long time is useful for people with poor eyesight. The necklaces and pendants help in diseases of the throat and nasopharynx. Lithotherapists assume that the gem can enhance the therapeutic effect of the chemical drugs in the treatment of oncological diseases. It is believed that covellite cleanses the body of poisons and toxins. In some countries, it is thought that covellite helps get rid of insomnia due to its blue color. The mineral can affect the throat chakra.




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