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Corundum is the second hardest mineral after diamond. It can have mostly blue or red (rarely yellowish and orange) color shades from the impurities of iron, chromium, vanadium and other compounds.



Other names

Bengali amethyst, Eastern aquamarine,

Eastern diamond, Eastern amethyst,

Eastern hyacinth, Eastern emerald,

Eastern topaz, Eastern chrysolite,

Polishing stone.


Ruby is the transparent red corundum.

Sapphire is the transparent blue corundum.

Leucosapphire is the colorless corundum or the white sapphire.

Padparadscha is the transparent orange sapphire.

Chlor sapphire is the green or bluish-green corundum.

korund1030sHealing Properties

It is believed that corundum has positive influence on the nervous system, relieves depression, helps with schizophrenia and insomnia, keeps off nightmares.

Corundum helps reduce the blood pressure. It is useful in treating eye diseases, as well as heart and blood circulation diseases. It is capable of alleviating backaches caused by osteochondrosis and helps in treating spine and joints. It has positive influence on kidneys, liver and digestive system.

Most often, the healing properties are attributed to the transparent varieties: sapphires and rubies.

Magical Properties

Corundum can help overcome all fears and depression. It increases strength, gives determination and bravery, courage and dignity.

Various magical properties are attributed mainly to its transparent varieties, namely, sapphires and rubies.

Effect on chakras

The blue corundum (sapphire) influences Ajna.

Padparadscha (yellow-orange sapphire) influences Swadhisthana and Manipura.

The light blue corundum (sapphire) influences Vishuddha.

The red corundum (ruby) harmonizes Muladhara and Anahata.


Projective Yang (it releases energy and activates).

Zodiac Signs

Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn


Earth, Fire, Water, Ether (Space)


Transparent varieties of corundum are the gemstones of the highest category and are used in jewelry, mainly as inserts in various jewelry pieces.




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