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Coral Color Magic

Coral is a symbol of longevity.

Corals are the skeletons of marine invertebrates (polyps), consisting of calcite and aragonite, sometimes impregnated (in the black corneus coral) with organic matter conchiolin.

Composition: Ca(CO)3

Coral ColorMagical Properties of Corals

Coral is believed to tone up and relieve fatigue. It reduces stress, fear, anxiety, depression, adds wisdom.

Coral color is beneficial to the human psyche, it neutralizes negative states – anger, envy. It is used to attract good luck; it is considered a universal means of protection against the evil eye and ill effect. It promotes happy co-operative living. As an amulet it protects the wearer from evil people. Coral is a perfect amulet for children.
Ancient Greeks considered pink coral to be a symbol of immortality and happiness.

In medieval Europe, the coral color was a symbol of modesty and a marked purity. People believed that corals were able to add wit and wisdom, contribute to the development of logic and intuition, strengthen memory. It was believed that they put wise of trouble, help in difficult circumstances, guard from lightnings, scare away the demons and banish temptation.

Coral is a talisman for travelers, it keeps them safe from hurricanes, storms, unpleasant engagements and facilitates safe return back home. Corals enhance the gift of foresight, so they are a mascot of many fortune-tellers.


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