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Conichalcite affects the throat chakra.The name conichalcite comes from the Greek words konis meaning powder and chalx meaning lime. Conichalcite is a compound containing arsenic. The mineral can be colored in bright green or yellowish. The luster is vitreous. The gem’s hardness makes up 4.5, and its density is 4.3 g/cm3. Major deposits of the stone are located in the USA, Mexico, Chile, Poland, Spain, and Africa.

Healing Properties

In folk medicine, it is believed that conichalcite can be useful in many skin conditions. With its help, you can get rid of acne, allergic rash, dry tetter and flushed skin. Some lithotherapists state that they managed to cure psoriasis at the early stages of the disease using this mineral. Folk healers sometimes use conichalcite to facilitate bone fractures healing. The mineral is only suitable for outward application (it is best to apply it onto clothed areas), as arsenic contained in it can cause poisoning. Healers believe that conichalcite improves hearing and eyesight.

Conichalcite affects the throat chakra.

Magical Properties

Conichalcite fixes its owner’s private life. It is believed that those who are desperate to find their soulmate should wear this stone. As experts say, the mineral can even remove the celibacy wreath, saving one from the curse that they could not even be aware of.

'onichalcite should be worn by doctors, teachers, barbers, and salesmenConichalcite is a family stone. It fancies when the house if full of love, peace and mutual understanding, so it does its best for its owner to be happy in his of her private life. The mineral attracts wealth and sympathy of others (especially that of superiors) to its owner. The stone helps make the right decisions and discloses swindlers and crooks. Experts say that meditating with conichalcite for 20-25 minutes every day will release you from insomnia, nervousness, irritability and unreasonable fears. This gemstone also fancies fresh air, thus one should be put on the windowsill overnight every full moon. It will accumulate lunar energy and will work more actively afterwards.

Astrologers recommend wearing this stone to those born under the signs of Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Gemini. The rest of the zodiac signs can wear it as well but for Aries. It may do much harm to the people born under this sign.

As a talisman, conichalcite should be worn by doctors, teachers, barbers, and salesmen. The stone will help them get along with anybody. It will also enhance their professional skills.




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