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Columbite can reflect negative energy.The name of columbite derives from the Latin word ‘columbium’. In some sources, the mineral is also called niobite. Sometimes the composition of the stone comprises rare earth metals. Columbite has dark coloring; dark brown specimens are quite uncommon. Due to its composition, manganocolumbite is tinted in red and has submetallic lustre. The deposits of columbite are located in Germany, Greenland, Sweden, Russia, and the USA.

In the jewelry manufacture, columbite is cut into beads and pendants; it is framed with precious metals like gold and silver as well. The stone can be used in making amulets and talismans.

Healing Properties of Columbite

Folk healers believe that columbite normalizes blood pressure. The stone is rather useful for those who have the reduced mean blood pressure threshold. There is an opinion that columbite can serve as antiseptic and thus prevent colds and virus diseases.

Magical Properties of Columbite

Since ancient times, columbite is attributed with miraculous properties. It will put one out of harm’s way and protect from spellcraft and evil spirits. The stone endows weak-willed and insecure people with confidence and courage. It exposes enemies and haters, and saves from betrayal and fraud.
Columbite is the best guardian for soldiers.As a rule, all the dark-colored stones have quite powerful magical properties. They are associated with black magic. Since antiquity, magicians and sorcerers use columbite as a talisman that protects them from the supernatural forces and serves as a medium during magic rituals and ceremonies. Columbite can reflect negative energy. For example, if your guest envies you or wishes you evil, columbite is able to catch the bundle of the negative energy and send it back to the hater.

Lithotherapists and astrologers recommend wearing the mineral only to men, whereas for women it is contraindicated. Also, children and teenagers are not advised to wear the stone, as it can make them disobedient and aggressive. Men should wear columbite in the form of cufflinks and tie clips.

The mineral is perfectly suitable for the air and water signs of the zodiac. People born under the fire signs are not recommended to keep the stone, as it can fuel some of their natural traits, such as pride, aggression and deceitfulness. Columbite is the best guardian for soldiers. It is believed that the stone can save its owner from being injured or wounded. Moreover, it makes one strong and brave. In challenging situations, the stone helps make the right decision.




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