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cobaltite should be used by those whose profession is crucial for people's health and livesCobaltite is a sulfide mineral composed of cobalt, arsenic and sulfur. It occasionally contains up to 10% of iron. Another name for the mineral is cobalt glance. The lustre is metallic. The mineral has the hardness of 5.5 and the density of 6.2 g/cm3. Major deposits are located in Sweden, Canada, and Azerbaijan.

Healing Properties

Traditional healers assume that looking at the pink-tinted cobaltite for a few minutes in the evening improves sleep, cures insomnia, and boosts one’s mood. It is also helpful in nerve strains.

Magical Properties

Experts state that cobaltite can improve any situation its owner faces. For example, if a street robber attacks them, the stone can call for help, such as appearance of the police or somebody else who would not let the crime happen. The mineral also helps one make a deal. It shows the owner how honest the intentions of their partner are. At the beginning of a new endeavor, the stone prompts one with the ways of making it a success.

looking at the pink-tinted cobaltite improves sleepIn one’s private life, cobaltite fixes the relationship between lovers, helping them understand each other better, as well as decide which behavior pattern they should choose to make it work without upsetting each other. The mineral is a great go-between for parents and children. It evokes childhood memories in the adult while suggesting the children that the parents wish only the good for them rather than attempting to humiliate or hurt them.

Astrologers think that people born under any sign of the zodiac can wear cobaltite. The stone is especially useful for the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius). It makes them kind-hearted and less selfish. The mineral also relieves them from irritability and pacifies their aggressiveness.

As a talisman, cobaltite should be used by those whose profession is crucial for people’s health and lives, for instance, doctors, teachers, lawyers, social workers. The stone will help them be more sensitive to the others’ pain and resentment. It will teach them to understand and respect the other’s habits and customs.




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