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Clinohumite sharpens the eyesight, tones up the body, and relieves from insomnia.Clinohumite is a member of the humite group, which comprises three more minerals. They are so hard to distinguish that it is possible only with laboratory analysis performed.

Jewelry clinohumite is a rare gemstone. It is a hydrous magnesium silicate. There are various colors and shades of the mineral in the nature. It comes in yellow, amber, red, red-yellow and even brown tints. The gem has dull lustre.

Yellow-orange clinohumite is notable for a rather interesting feature; the stone gets glowing golden in the bright lamplight.

The crystals are commonly small, their size ranging from 0.5 to 15 mm. The hardness of clinohumite varies from 6.5 to 7; the mineral has the density of 3.3. It is quite fragile.
The main deposits of clinohumite are located in the south-west of the Pamir Mountains, as well as in the United States, Italy, Tajikistan, and Spain.

Works of Clinohumite

As clinohumite is considered an uncommon gemstone, the faceted mineral can only be found in extravagant private collections.
Due to its scarce occurrence and fragility, the mineral is seldom used in jewelry. The stone loses a massive part of its weight when being cut, which is unacceptable.

Another reason why clinohumite is not so popular as a jewelry stone is that its promotion requires major investments; despite the beauty of the stone, there is no one willing to invest yet. Then, clinohumite was not regarded as a precious stone when it was given its name. Such name may be appropriate for an ore or a compound, but not for a gemstone.

Healing Properties of Clinohumite

Clinohumite can change one's destiny for the betterRepresentatives of alternative medicine claim that clinohumite can affect the brain, thereby enhancing all the vital functions of the body. The yellow and orange specimens increase appetite, improve digestion and gastrointestinal system functioning. However, wearing the stone constantly may cause health disorders, such as excess bile secretion.

Lithotherapists also assume that clinohumite sharpens the eyesight, tones up the body, and relieves from insomnia.

Healers recommend wearing pendants with clinohumite to treat nervous exhaustion, frequent stresses and insomnias.

Magical Properties of Clinohumite

Experts state that the magical properties of the stone are not explicit. Clinohumite is more useful as a therapeutic agent. Yet according to some professionals, the gemstone can change one’s destiny for the better in certain circumstances. It is necessary to meditate with the stone regularly at the full moon, preferably at midnight. This ritual will strengthen you and make you both self-reliant and confident about your future. Clinohumite will endow its owner with prosperity, sympathy of their superiors, and career prospects. It will also bring harmony into one’s family relationships.

Wearing clinohumite, you should learn to control your feelings and emotions. This will challenge your strength. If the owners of the stone aspire to be more successful than they are now, they will be able to pull themselves together. In either case, the stone will not be of any help.
Experts point out that you should not carry the stone around all the time. This may cause depression and even headaches.

The waxing Moon is the best time to wear clinohumite.

Works of clinohumite fit people of all the zodiac signs but Aries. They must not even try clinohumite jewelry on.




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