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CinnabarCinnabar Jewellery

Cinnabar is quite a bright mineral which colours resemble amber. Nowadays cinnabar is used for making jewellery such as necklaces, pendants, various amulets and talismans that are believed to protect from danger and harm.

Cinnabar healing properties

Cinnabar is a copper sulphite compound, so it is widely used for healing and preventing diseases. However, you should be extremely careful with the element and prevent its particles from entering the body as they can cause poisoning and even lethal outcome. In the times immemorial cinnabar was used to treat leprosy. In Europe it was used to cure syphilis and severe concomitant diseases.

Cinnabar carvingCinnabar magic properties

Crystal healing practitioners are convinced that cinnabar possesses incredible magic properties. The mineral is capable of detecting their owners? problems. However, it cannot solve your problems. Minerals can only teach you to take the difficulties easy. The gem has an incredible property to change the owner’s temper. It heartens you, makes you more optimistic and encourages to listen to the life and its lessons. Astrologers advise all the zodiac signs, excepting Scorpio, to wear cinnabar talismans and jewellery. The minerals strongly influence Taurus people. Please note that cinnabar jewellery and talismans should not be worn every day. They can affect your health resulting in fatigue and worsened physical well-being. The mineral should be worn only in the most difficult situations until the problem is solved. Cinnabar is a gem of businessmen, financiers and all the people who tend to dramatize and repeat past mistakes.




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