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Chrysoprase Magical Properties

Chrysoprase is considered a symbol of successChrysoprase was considered a symbol of success. The gem favors any new business affairs, as it has an aspiration to transformation. Therefore, it will bring good luck to restless people who are looking for a renewal. Chrysoprase is a talisman of innovations and those who choose unconventional methods and aspire to discoveries. It is also a talisman of merchants, bankers, and other people of similar professions. The green color of the stone can cheer you up.

Since antiquity, chrysoprase is known as a stone that keeps away envy, slander, and evil eye. It will protect you from hoodoo or take it off if necessary. Chrysoprase does not favor those who are shady, bad-tempered, vicious, deceitful, or self-centered. The stone won’t work and nothing will fix that, as it is only helpful for honest and valiant people. It surrounds such people with their friends and does its best to protect them from harm, even if the owner takes quite risky steps. However, it cannot stand excessive risk. The stone attracts teammates to those who has taken up a new business. Therefore, it is useful to wear chrysoprase framed in silver when heading to the negotiations on a new project.

Chrysoprase attracts teammates to those who has taken up a new business.Cloudiness of chrysoprase is a warning of impending danger. Chrysoprase is a stone that drives nightmares away. Presently it is used as a protection from negative energy. The stone gives its ownerendurance and courage. It is believed to be the best talisman for business people who have to deal with large sums of money on a daily basis. The mineral makes one calm and sensible.

Chrysoprase favors people born under the sign of Aquarius. It brings them good luck and protects them from misfortunes. The mineral can even avenge the haters, giving them back their own negative energy,though tripled.




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